Overnight Oats – How it Started

Written and Photographed by Steve K

A biologist, foodie, film maker & photographer, food has been one of my passions ever since I first left home and had to learn how to cook. One of my favourite meals of the day has always been breakfast, but like many, as I’ve got older, there never seems to be enough time to sit down and enjoy breakfast anymore. I make the effort at weekends, but during the week, life gets in the way and like many people, the morning breakfast deteriorates into a token piece of crappy toast with a cup of coffee on the way out of the front door; either that, or just the coffee.

In 2015, a mate asked if I’d heard of Overnight Oats, and at first I thought it sounded like ‘cold porridge’, no ta! At the time, I was recovering from major spinal surgery having been told I might not be able to walk again, and so a healthy and balanced diet was crucial to my recovery. I tried out a few recipes, (I say ‘recipe’, they’re dead easy to make), and the penny dropped … I couldn’t have been further from the truth. They were really tasty, REALLY tasty. So being me, I started to tweak the first couple of recipes I came across to my taste, and bored shitless as I was, I spent my recuperation time trying out different combos, testing them out on friends and family, ensuring I put taste at the fore without compromising the nutrition. That’s when the site was born.

Roll on a few years, I’ve been a little lazy keeping the site up-to-date since my recovery. On that note, I’m now back to training in martial arts for the first time in years, so my surgery was nothing short of a miracle. I’ve had amazing feedback on the recipes I first posted, and will be posting more throughout 2020 as I get the site back up to speed, and if it helps just a few of you to move away from sugar loaded bowls of cereal or the ‘crappy piece of toast’, I’m glad to have been of service.


P.S. If you have a cracking Overnight Oats recipe, feel free to ping the details across on the contact page. I can’t promise it’ll appear, but if it’s tasty, there’s a good chance it will (with credit).